Manufacturing Plants & the Environment

Manufacturing Plants
All Azrock® manufacturing plants are ISO 9001 certified. Additionally, Tarkett's Environmental Management System is certified by SAI Global as meeting ISO 14001:2004 requirements at its Houston manufacturing facility, which produces its Azrock commercial tile products. The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) system sets a rigorous, international standard for manufacturing excellence and quality that are recognized worldwide.

ISO 14001 is an international standard which sets out the requirements for an Environmental Management System. Its core criteria include: prevention of pollution, continual improvement and compliance with relevant national and local regulatory requirements. The process begins with a regulatory compliance assessment and an evaluation of the organization's environmental impacts and aspects. This assessment leads to detailed projects which tackle pressing issues and evolves into a journey of continuous improvement.

We’ve made great strides in conserving energy in our plants, recently receiving the Department of Energy’s coveted Energy Saver award for our Houston plant. In fact, 10 percent of the electricity we use at our Houston facility is generated by wind. All of our plants have reduced energy consumption by as much as 20 percent through various strategies, such as the use of T5 fluorescent bulbs in 40 percent of our production areas and “soft-starts” on 35 percent of our equipment.

Production Practices
We are continually searching for ways to improve our manufacturing practices and to conserve natural resources. For instance, the cooling water used in our plants is filtered and recycled. Stabilizers used in our flooring production have moved from liquid to powder-based, lowering the discharge of organic compounds into the air.

Locally Sourced Raw Materials
Our tiles are American made, and we’re proud of it! Whenever possible, we source our raw materials, such as plentiful limestone, close to our manufacturing plants. This not only potentially contributes to LEED credits, but conserves transportation fuel. 500 Mile Radius Map (PDF link to regional map)

Use of Recycled Material in Our Tile Products
Using recycled material in our flooring tile products is the smart and environmentally correct thing to do. All our tile categories contain pre-consumer recycled content while some products contain post-consumer recycled material. Using improved technologies, Azrock is committed to increasing the percentage of recycled material in our tile products. Recycling not only helps preserve our limited natural resources, recycled materials make sense. For LEED projects, specifying flooring products with recycled content will contribute to achieving LEED credits.

Recycling in Our Plants
Our production process utilizes internal recycling in a close-loop process — nothing is ever wasted.
All manufacturing scrap is salvaged and reused. Our packaging contains a minimum of 30 percent recycled material. At Azrock, we are continually challenging ourselves to find new ways to recycle.